Monday, 2 August 2010

Jambu Raffle Winners!

First of all I would like to thank ALL of you for participating in the Jambu Raffle! Your tweets, the pictures of you all in your Jambu shoes, becoming fans and friends, and leaving comments on our blog were all accounted for. This raffle has really pumped us up about the launch of Jambu's second season. I would also like to thank the Jambu summer interns, Kristen and Li-or for making this raffle possible, they have handwritten over 1,200 raffle tickets over the last couple weeks and have been tracking every interaction and follower Jambu has. With the amazing response to the Jambu raffle we decided to pick 10 winners instead of 3! Hooray!

Now for what you have all been waiting for... Drum Roll Please....

Grand Prize Winner for the Jambu Shoes is... Congrats Amy Wagner!

We have picked 2 Second Place Winners for the Jambu Umbrella, 1 Jambu tote, 1 Jambu shoulder bag, and 1 Jambu notebook... Congrats Paris Prissett and Laura Neill!

For the Third Place winners we have chose 5 people to win 1 Jambu Umbrella, 1 Jambu Tote, and 1 Jambu Notebook... Congrats Aimee Dars Ellis, Char "Emma" Vandenbesque Carriere, Jo Anne Rice Thompson, Barbara White, and Deborah Walmer Basembe!

We decided to pick 2 Winner for a 4th place prize of 1 Jambu Umbrella and 1 Jambu Notebook... Congrats to Heather Roets Meade and Carla Wilson!

Thank you all for participating in the first ever Jambu raffle, keep following us for new and exciting things coming from Jambu! Winners- we will be contacting you via facebook to get your personal emails to gather your shipping information.

Be you with Jambu™!


  1. OH YEA! I'm tickled pink!!

  2. woo hoo, I least third. Awesome! Wished it were 1st LOL. Congrats to all the winners.

  3. Wow! That's awesome! 3rd is better then not! LOL Congrats all! I'll just have to start saving for a pair of the cute fall ones coming out! :)

  4. WOW...what a Monday pick-me-up!!..Go, Jambu, Go...

  5. Thank you so much for your generosity!
    Can't wait to get a new pair for fall.
    I will be starting student teaching in September and will need to be on my feet all day!

    Jambu shoes have made the grade in my book!
    Thank you!

  6. So exciting! Thanks for the fun raffle and for the great shoes!

  7. yeah!!! I'm so grateful to win an umbrella and notebook. I won't lie, I was crossing my fingers for the shoes but hey, I'm sure Laura Neill is super excited....Congratulations to all of us winners and to Jambu for being such a great company that makes great shoes! Your number 1 in my book...

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