Thursday, 6 October 2011

Step By Step in My Jambus

October 1st, 2011

I am a commuter student so while during the week I am always running around New York, on the weekends I return to my home in New Jersey and relax from the busy and noisy environment of the city. Every Saturday morning my mom and I go to the gym for a yoga or pilates class and as both are usually practiced barefoot, I thought it would be interesting to go to class in my barefoot style shoes. I pulled on my Sport Siders and got a couple of amused looks from the people in the class, but I was determined to try out my theory so I set up my yoga mat and prepared for the class. As we began, the instructor asked me to take off my shoes, yet she seemed interested when I explained that the shoes had a barefeet concept, and let me keep my shoes on. I did every exercise smoothly and soon forgot that I was wearing shoes. They flexed with my feet and it almost felt like every move was effortless. My Sport Siders made my feet feel comfortable and light and saved me from exposing my chipped pedicure.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Kate McVaugh's Experience With the JBU-404's

Kate McVaugh is a wonderful writer who has agreed to be a ghost blogger for our JBU-404's. Not to be confused with our student blogger, Kate is a writer from San Francisco, California, who enjoys nature and has shared her experience in our JBU-404 Water Ready Barefeet style with us, so we can share it with you!

My red Jambu 404 Barefoot pair arrived at the end of September just in time for summer in San Francisco. We never have much of a summer here but are often allotted fantastic sunshine and heat in September and October. My new shoes were perfect for walk in nature, so I headed over to Inspiration Point in Tilden Park. There’s a wonderful trail that wends its way over a ridge affording spectacular views in all directions. 
This was only the second time I’d worn my JBU 404 Barefoot Style and this time I paid attention to my feet and how they were holding up on the footpath. I could feel the earth beneath me; almost as if walking barefoot but without rocks or thorns to encumber my journey.

The flexible rice rubber outsole, (don’t ask me how they make that), easily bent with my foot while maintaining traction down a steep slope and over gravel and eucalyptus acorns. Then I quit thinking about my feet and started to enjoy the aroma of the trees and plants and the songs of the birds.
Generally, there are enough people around so I don’t dwell on being out in the middle of nowhere with the possibility of muggers lurking behind a manzanita tree. Then I remembered that this was also mountain lion terrain and one does need to maintain vigilance. Or rather, be prepared to act if you should chance upon a critter. I ran the safety drill through my head; make yourself big, wave your arms around, and yell. And never, ever, crouch down, and never, ever run. I decided that this was a good enough excuse to not try jogging in my new shoes.
And did I mention the fashion aspect of bright red JBU 404’s? These have to be the cutest shoes I have ever owned. One must look good even when wearing old jeans and a faded t-shirt while trudging through the wilderness. My shoes added just the right bit of style.

The first fall storms are on their way so maybe our mini-summer will be even shorter than expected. And although my shoes are waterproof, when it rains here it is always freezing cold. I suppose I will have to head to some place like Costa Rica to road test their water capabilities. Meanwhile, I still have a few more days of style and comfort both out in the wild and at the local coffee shop.
Kate McVaugh

Thank you Kate McVaugh for the great review on our JBU-404 Barefoot-Water Ready shoes! Check out Kate's travel blog at