Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Behind the scenes of the Jambu Commercial

Jambu Commercial Pictures

The hiking scene shot in Central Park showcasing the Jambu Vermont-Waterproof, was early one pretty cold friday morning.  Shlomotion's Productions arrived with Dunkin Doughnut's in hand, it was a great start to the first day of shooting.  We shot Nancy walking those stairs so much I do believe she got a good work out in during this scene!  It was a beautiful place to shoot, hard to believe its smack in the middle of Manhattan!

Jambu Commercial Shooting

Later on that Friday afternoon the second scene was shot in the grocery store featuring Jambu's classic style, the Touring.  The Jambu woman in this scene is Kim, she walked up and down the aisle's of this grocery store in comfort and style.  Shlomo, Rob, Joe hopped in and out of the grocery cart to get the perfect shots.

Jambu Commercial Shooting3

The office scene featured our metro style, the Allure.  Lori was our amazing Jambu corporate office worker, doing an amazing job of improving a national sales meeting (we were so impressed!) Lori wore those shoes for 5 hours the first day running from scene to scene and 8 hours the second day of the shoot. Lori raved about the comfort and even wore them out for a night on the town after shooting. Thank you to our extras, who were recruited last minute to fill our corporate sales meeting. The crew was down on the floor rolling the camera around on a skateboard trying to get the perfect shot of the Jambu shoes.

Jambu Commercial Shooting1

One Sunday morning, bright and early we shot our school scene.  This being Jambu Kids first season we were very excited to feature them in the commercial.  I am pleased to introduce the first faces of our Jambu Kids Collection, in the bottom right picture from left to right we have, Orli, Serenity, and Eloise.  They all loved their shoes and had a great time filming with their Jambu "mom's".  Unfortunately, Nancy, from the hiking scene was terribly ill and could not make it to the shoot this day but we still got a lot of great shots in. We had a lot of fun at this scene and the pictures came out great of the girls!  

Jambu Commercial Shooting2

The opening scene was shot last on the first day, and luckily last minute we had found the perfect place to shoot!  Cafe Lalo was welcoming and happy to let us use their location... for those of you who recognize this location, it was featured in the movie, "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The crew was trying to get in every creative angle, while the Jambu girls watched the equipment outside.

Overall this commercial was so amazing to see come alive.  From interviewing the models, to have Shlomotions create our script, and scouting locations, it was great to see the entire process of what makes up a 40 second commercial.  Jambu would especially like to thank our Jambu women, Lori, Kim and Nancy- you all did an amazing job.  A big thank you to the Jambu girls and their families for bringing them to our interviews, and the shooting, as a couple came from out of state to work with us.  We were truly honored to have Orli, Eloise, and Serenity as the first faces of Jambu kids.  This video could not have been possible without Shlomotions (Shlomo, Joe and Rob), it turned out awesome!  Also thank you to our make-up artist, Nikki, everyone looked beautiful.