Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Meet the Intern

Hey Readers!
It's Ramie, the Jambu intern reporting to you from Vida Shoe Group in NYC!
Up until now, I've been blogging for Jambu anonymously, but I think it's time I expose myself-my identity that is! (Shame on you!)
Im 19 and a sophomore in college here in NYC. I'm originally from Ohio, so New York was a pretty dramatic change. Not to worry, I've been looking forward to moving here for quite some time, I love New York, there's always something to do and people to see. Moving to the city that never sleeps is a great change from the city who goes to sleep at 8. New York is fantastic, it's full of beautiful people and top notch fashion.
I was looking for a fabulous internship to occupy my out of class time, hopefully slowly nudge my way into the fast pace world of fashion; and what's more fabulous than shoes? Nothing. I began interning with Jambu about six weeks ago. This is no Devil Wears Prada internship-please! I'm not the girl who gets coffee or picks up my boss's dry cleaning; I have an amazing boss and work with some pretty cool people. Let's just say I'm one lucky little intern.
But now, about Jambu. What Jambu most represents (in my opinion) is comfort, style, and earth protection. Yes, when you buy Jambu shoes, you're doing the environment a favor; so for all you ladies who need to justify their shoe purchases, we just did it for you! Last week we had a very successful FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) show with cool clients like Eddie Bauer, Piperlime, Athleta catalog, Macy's, and Comfort One Shoes. It was a great show, and the Fall 2010 products were received really well.
Pictures will be posted soon...I know you will probably not be able to sleep out of sheer anticipation for the pictures-don't stress, they'll be up soon!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Welcome to the official Jambu blog!! Jambu shoes offer the ultimate in comfort and style.  Here are just a few reasons why Jambu shoes are just so gosh darn great!
-Each shoe is made with an exclusive memory foam foot bead 
-Shoe soles are made from partially recycled rubber! 
-Packaging made from 100% recycled materials!
-Packaging 100% recyclable!
-Animal friendly styles available in VEGAN COLLECTION!

Jambu shoes are perfect for walking, jogging, light hiking, and any woman on the move who seeks a comfortable shoes and does not want to compromise her style!!

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