Monday, 5 March 2012


As I packed for Sudan, I decided the best footwear was that which was tried and true. So packed in amongst my headscarves and long skirts were once again my Jambu Obysseys. These shoes had proven perfect for the desert heat a few months ago in Somalia, so why not Sudan?

Although my work would take me no further than 1 hour from Khartoum, the need for comfort was absolutely necessary and this time around my Odysseys were well broken in and accustomed to the sand and heat. When I evaluated the women’s and children’s literacy centers, my shoes had to come off at the entrance and their ease of slipping on and off really helped. An added advantage was how easy they were to locate when I returned to the pile of shoes! 

Now that I am back in Norway and packing up once again for a family vacation to Marrakech, Morocco, I am eager to try out the newest addition to my Jambu shoe collection - the Stingrays.... Alot of market exploration, camel riding, sand boarding and carpet shopping is going to take place in the next 2 weeks, so my feet need comfort and stability, not to mention the great backdrop they will offer to my Sudanese Henna painting that took three hours to draw and dry!  Stay tuned!!