Monday, 16 August 2010

Back to School!

Our spring/summer season was really great one, but the Fall 2010 styles are quickly making it into stores! You know what that means... summer is coming to an end, and it's back-to-school time!

Going back to school shopping was always one of my favorite times. My mom would take us from store to store and we'd all get
what we needed for the upcoming school year. I think Staples, Walmart, and Target were my three favorite stores as a kid.

So before your kids go back to school, we'd like to share some helpful ways to stay prepared and organized.

The more prepared your children are walking through those doors, the more confident they will feel, and the better they will perform in school.

Check lists are key - Make a list for everything! What they need, what you need, who you need to contact, etc. As long as you're keeping track, lists are a mom's best friend :)

Start collection coupons - there's nothing better then saving on all your back to school necessities. Come prepared to all your favorite stores - you'll be amazed at just how much you can save this time of year.

Get organized at home - Make copies of important documents coming in from the school. Putting important notices and letters from teachers into folders for your children can be helpful throughout the year.

Mark up your calendar - Get all the important dates down onto a master family calendar. Make sure to include all parent-teacher meetings, as well as sporting events and extra curricular. An easily accessible calendar for the family is great to keep everyone updated.

Get the medical stuff out of the way - No one likes getting calls about how they're kid missed a random shot somewhere along the line. Take care of all medical needs before the year begins. Sure, things will come up, but at least you'll have what the school needs done :)

Buy what they need - It's hard to say no, but put your foot down so your credit card bill doesn't make you crazy.

Don't forget to have a great time! Like I said, back to school shopping can really be a great time for you and the kids. Happy shopping! :)

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