Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dress a Girl Around the World...

Its been a crazy week and with the raffle winding down, we at Jambu have been doing a lot of thinking about GIVING. Jambu gave away shoes, umbrellas and totes but today we are thinking a bit outside of the box for todays blog.

This blog was inspired by one of our team member's mother's, she had surgery yesterday and we have been thinking about her a lot. Karen, her mom is doing great, but she couldn't help but think about all of the good Karen has brought not only to her life, but the good she has brought to others- some of them she doesn't even know. Karen, like most mother's out there, she is one of the most selfless people we know. She is always thinking about everyone and what she can do with her time to help others. In the past few months Karen and her sewing circle of friends in Rochester, New York, have been participating in "Dress a girl around the world" which is a division of Hope 4 Women/Hope 4 Kids International. This organization encourages sewing circles around the world to volunteer to make pillow case dresses for little girls in need- wether from third world countries, poverty stricken, or victims of disaster. These dresses are even made out of recycled fabrics- old sheets and pillow cases. Karen's circle is sewing these dresses for little girls in Haiti. They collect old sheets and pillow cases from friends or family members and make "pillow case" dresses for these special young ladies. So far Hope 4Women/Hope 4 Kids has delivered 7,260 dresses to twenty countries and people from 35 States, Canada, Uganda, Hong Kong, Australia and Malawi continue to make dresses. They are right in saying "Together we really will dress the girls around the world".

Not everyone can sew, but we can all help out where we can. If you do sew check out the links below to see how you can help these little ladies with your sewing circle. If you can't sew... well then maybe there is someone near by you that you can donate any old pillow cases or sheets to.

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