Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Treat Your Feet - DIY Foot Massage and Pedicure!

Women are always on their feet. Preparing kids for school in the morning, running errands all day, and making supper in the evening, there's no way a woman's feet don't hurt by the time the day comes to an end. So go get a pedicure, you say? Who has the time??

As a follow up to our 'home spa' post, we'd like to offer a quick and easy way to treat your feet.
DIY Foot Massage:
Soak your feet in some warm water and a lightly scented soap to get started. Dry them off with a towel and place one foot on the opposite knee. Place your hands around your foot and rub the bottom to get it warmed up. Support your foot with the opposite hand, and use your free hand to twist, squeeze, and gently tug each toe individually. This will help make your toes more relaxed and flexible. Now put your two thumbs at the bottom of your foot, supporting it with your remaining fingers on top. Slowly roll your thumbs in a circular motion, pressing down as deep as you can. This will relieve any aches and pains from your long day.

Trim your toenails to the length that you like. Make sure to file away all rough edges around the nail. If you have toe separators, it might be a good idea to use them. Paint a quick base layer with clear nail polish before you add color. Now, choose your favorite color of Non-Toxic nail polish (our favorite is 'Honeybee Gardens: WaterColors Non-Peel Off Polish) and paint each nail carefully with smooth, quick strokes. Apply two layers.

Now that your feet look and feel the way they should, wear your favorite Jambu's
, which will give your feet the comfort and attention they deserve =)


  1. this is a nice relaxing project! Jambu shoes look really fantastic. My favorite is the Planet sandal!