Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Few Easy Gift Ideas That Will Keep Dad Smiling :)

Men love the attention they get on Father's Day. So why not let them soak it up on the day set aside just for their efforts? We thought it would be a good idea to share some quick and easy gift ideas that will allow Dad to relax (at least for one day :)

  • Everybody loves a hammock! There's no better way for Dad to relax. Set up a hammock in the backyard, and let him enjoy the beautiful weather while he can.
  • All men love sports. Give him a great way to kick back and watch his favorite team with a his teams logo on a bedrest. They're easy to find in sports stores or online, and they're super comfy!
  • A one time "coupon" to mow the lawn for your man. Not the most fun for you, but this is a free and easy way to show your man you appreciate his mowing all year long!
  • Get him a magazine and/or newspaper subscription. There may be a magazine that he loves to read, but never got the chance to order it. Many newspapers offer 'once-a-week' subscriptions, which make great gifts if he already has a favorite paper.
  • If you really want to go all out, he will love his own reclining chair. It may not look perfect with your decor, but having his own chair to relax in will keep him comfortable and happy.
You already enjoy the all day comfort your Jambus™ have to offer, now you can help your man relax on a day just for him =]

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