Monday, 21 June 2010

Shoes Around the World

Most designers in fashion look for inspiration in history, fashion, art and other cultures. Footwear across the globe embodies just about all of the above. When thinking about different shoes around the world, many styles come to mind. I remember the fun wooden shoes I fell in love with at Disney World's "Its a Small World" ride as a child. Oh those crazy wooden clogs, unbelievable right?! After some research I found out they were worn by the Dutch, in Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Sweden. The clog was originally made as type of protective footwear for factory, mine, and farm workers... which makes sense of why the whole shoe is made out of wood.

Now we see variations of this clog all over in fashion! In our culture "clogs" often translate into comfort slip-ons. At Jambu™ our designers really ran with the clog silhouette and have made a modern variation of this eccentric shoe. Jambu™'s Paris, is a modern, comfortable fashion forward rendition of the old school wooden clog. The Paris is even made with partially recycled rubber outsole's with a light weight midsole and a memory foam footbed for extreme comfort. And just as Jambu™ promised, it was made for the woman on the go... psssst by the way, thats you!

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