Friday, 17 September 2010

Jambu™ Book Review: "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

Recently, I found some time to read for pleasure. I honestly forgot how great it is to slow down for a few days and read a great book. When I went to Borders to pick up a book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (the first of a trilogy), by Stieg Larsson, was one of the first I saw. When I read the back cover, I was already interested.

What it's about:

Harriet Vanger disappeared decades ago when she was only 16, and since then, her uncle Henrik Vanger has been on a search to find who he believes is her murderer. Henrik is now a retired industrialist, and decides to hire Mikael Blomkvist, a financial journalist, to investigate the crime further. Mikael was recently sentenced to prison after losing a libel case, involving damaging allegations about the Swedish billionaire Hans-Erik Wennerström. He takes the freelance job offered by Vanger after Vanger promises him sources that will bring an end to Wennerström. Blomkvist teams up with "the girl with the dragon tattoo" aka Lisbeth Salander. The 24 year old computer hacker and background investigator, sports tattoos and piercings, but don't let the image fool you...

Why You'll Love it:

I, for one, couldn't put the book down! A true page-turner that will keep you at the edge of your seat, this suspenseful thriller has everything in it! Is is well written, and so much more than just another murder mystery. It digs deep into the past of the Vanger family, while developing the stories of the other characters. Lisbeth and Mikael make an interesting team that will make you want to read more. Overall, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a great quick read that will leave you asking for more!

Interesting facts about the author:

  • Stieg Larsson died shortly after bringing the manuscripts of the trilogy to the publisher.
  • He witnessed the gang rape of a young girl when he was only 15. The author never forgave himself for failing to help the girl, whose name was Lisbeth - like the young heroine of his books, herself a rape victim, which inspired the theme of sexual violence against women in his books.

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