Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Be your OWN Professional Photographer

There is nothing better than taking amazing pictures for your family photo album or your Facebook albums. Sometimes you just want to capture the most amazing moments, but no need to take a class to learn how to shoot like a pro. Below are some tips on how to get great shots of your kids, or you can translate some of these ideas into shooting anyone, or pets even.

Tips for taking your kids’ pictures

  1. Try different angle, especially getting down on kids level.
  2. UIAO-8267
  3. Don't only take smiling pictures... try taking pictures when they are serious, sad, crying, angry or surprised, or whatever expression they do best.
  4. MIA-4396
  5. Don't pose most of your pictures. Try to take more pictures when they are in action. It works better when they do not know your camera is pointed at them. You want to get more natural shots of their raw emotions- you don't want every smile of your kids to come by telling them to say “cheese”.
  6. ODO-3183
  7. Take pictures from the top, make them look up the camera, or lie down taking their picture when they look down into the lens. Get playful
  8. AF-7640
  9. Bring more of their little friends or pets together so you can get them playing in action.
  10. ODO-3121
  11. Another idea is to dress them in more grow-up style outfits, kids are so cute when they try to imitate adults.
  12. AF-8062
  13. Take more than one shot. The more pictures you take the more likely you'll be to get the shot look more natural and vivid. It is amazing the difference just one second can make. So take as many as your memory card can hold!
  14. CIES-7132
  15. You know your kids better than anyone- its better to take pictures when your children are not hungry, sleepy or have to go potty.
  16. ODO-3407
  17. Sometimes pictures featuring in their body parts like their little hands or feet, eyes or behind make for cute pictures.
  18. DSSD-5283
  19. Remember to maintain and store those pictures. If they are digital files, back up them frequently in DVDs incase your hard-drive lost memory by accident. If they are film pictures, develop the pictures and store the film in appropriate cases in a dry, cool, clean environment.
  20. IDP-4276
  21. Have fun and take as many photos as you can!
Please feel free to share some of your pictures with us!

*All of the photos above have been taken by our new intern, Ken, just to show that you do not have to be a professional... all you need is a little TLC. :)

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