Friday, 16 July 2010

Raffle Update!

The raffle just started yesterday, but already the competition is heating up! We've been adding all of you in by hand (that's right, raffle tickets and all), it's been tough to keep up, but we know it will all be worth it! So we thought it would be a good idea to let you ladies know just how intense this raffle is going to get.

So far, we have over 800 entries! So if you've been or have become a friend, fan, or follower - you've been entered! We've also been adding all interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog. We've been getting everything from comments, messages, likes and we even got an @Jambufootwear tweet! We're loving the attention ladies, so keep it coming!!

Don't forget!
  • You get 1 entry for adding us on our Facebook pages, Twitter, and Blog - so if you're not following, thats 4 easy entries right there!
  • You get 5 entries for commenting the amount of people you've invited to a site (just don't forget to comment on the corresponding site!).
  • You get 2 entries for ANY type of interaction of Facebook, 4 for an @Jambufootwear Tweet, 6 entries just for leaving a comment on our blog, and a whopping 10 entries when you post a pic of you in your favorite shoes !!(Jambu™'s of course;)
Have a great weekend, and keep showing your Jambu™ Love!


  1. Where should we post the pictures of ourselves wearing our Jambu shoes?

  2. You can post it on facebook, or send an @Jambufootwear tweet on twitter with a link to your pic :) Don't forget to become a fan/follower if you aren't already!

  3. I absolutely love the comfort and style!