Wednesday, 14 July 2010

First Ever Jambu™ Raffle Giveaway!

That's right ladies, Jambu™ is holding its first ever raffle giveaway! Starting tomorrow, July 15th, 2010 we will be tracking all of our social media sites (this blog, Facebook, and Twitter), and adding all of our active friends and followers to a raffle that will be drawn on July 31st. Prizes will be given out to the top 3 most involved friends, fans, and followers.

1st Place Prize:
A Free pair of Jambu™ Fall 2010 shoes! That's right - you can win one of our great Fall styles!
2nd Place Prize:
For the second most involved friend, fan, or follower we will be giving away a Jambu™ Umbrella and Jambu™ bag!
3rd Price Prize:
And for the friend in third place, we will send our newest Jambu™ tote bag!

Here's how the entry system will work:

Friends, fans, and followers

1 entry will be given to all friends, fans, and followers:
If you're a friend, fan, or follower right now - you're in! If you become our friend, fan, or follower in the future, you are also guaranteed one entry.

5 entries will be given for extending an invite to become our friends/ fans:
Getting more people involved with our social media sites will win you more entries! Simply invite/suggest friends and leave a comment on the corresponding social media site [so if you invited friends on facebook, leave the comment on facebook] telling us how many people you invited. (FYI: This will also get you interaction points -- see below =)


2 entries will be given for every interaction on our Facebook pages.
4 entries will be given for every @JambuFootwear tweet
6 entries will be given for a comment on our blog
and 10 entries will be given for posting a pic of you in your Jambu's™

Obviously, the more you're involved, the higher your chances are to win!

If you have any questions concerning our raffle, you can contact us at


  1. I love my Jambu's! They are so addicting!

  2. I soo keep trying to post on this topic but it keeps not working. I think my teacher had some Jambu's when she was pregnant and I was completely in love with them.

  3. I just got a pair of Jambu Planet shoes and I love them. They are so cute.

  4. wow ! thanks so much for the chance to win a pair of Jambu Planet shoes ! i am a FB Fan - Claudia Mcgee - twitter follower @cdmtx65 and follow your Blog :)

  5. THanks for a great contest. Who wouldn't love to win some of your shoes! Im a FB fan, tweeting @nankani and inviting friends to enter too!

  6. I am a Friend of Jambu Shoes on Facebook = 1 pt
    I am a fan of Jambu = 1 pt
    I am a follower of @jambushoes I'm @victoria99999 on twitter and I'm victoria lester on facebook.

    I also suggested 5 friends through facebook and listed it on Jambushoes wall - 5 suggested from victoria lester = 5 more entries

    I wrote a comment on the facebook wall = 2 entries

    I made up a tweet to my almost 2,000 twitter followers and mentioned @Jambu Shoes = 4

    Here is my comment to your blog = 6 entries

    GREAT PRODUCTS, thank you for the chance to enter!!! :)

  7. Jambu's rock my face off! I have the Troy in gold, the Pluto in patent red, and the Sonya in navy.

    Love 'em!