Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fall '10 Sneak Peeks =]

As our next previews, we decided to show our mid-season favorites. Up above you see the 'Himalaya' in black/grey (left) and the 'Vermont' in taupe/brown (right). You might say the Vermont is the 'high top' version of the Himalaya, but if you ask me, they're both great!

The Himalaya, part of the All Terra Collection, is a reinvented tennis shoe. It's comfortable enough to wear walking or biking and has an attractive stylish look so you can wear it anywhere. It laces up the front with a no-tie bungee cord, and includes toe and heel bumpers for maximum comfort and security. The contrast of colors and materials allows for a great, versatile look. This shoe is made from nubuck, metallic leather, and mesh and comes in black/grey, navy, and brown/ bronze.

The Vermont has a great day hiker look. It is practical and functional as it is good-looking. The rubber soles provide this shoe with unbeatable traction while the high ankle shaft provides the foot and with the utmost support. This shoe has a lace up front and a bumper on the toe and heel for protection on your everyday adventures. This Vermont is made from waterproof nubuck (that's right..waterproof!), mesh and rubber webbing, and comes in taupe/brown, and grey.

Soo.. what are your thoughts? Which of these two will be a winner in your closet? (you don't have to pick only one ;)

Check back this Friday for the last of our Fall 2010 preview!

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