Monday, 2 April 2012

Jambu in Morocco!

In early March Chandra Baier brought Jambu Obysseys on an adventure throughout Sudan. She also gave us a sneak peak on what she had planned for her next journey throughout Morocco. Read below to see how the Jambu Stingray contributed to her experience!

"Stingrays in Morocco"
The Sudan framed                  
The Jambu Stingrays were game
To be worn again and again
Through the Moroccan sand and rain

Proximity to the snake charmers didn’t phase 
The shoes that comfortably wrapped my feet
And offered distance from the spilled tea,
Orange peels and carpet dye running beneath

Once again Jambu has pleased “mes pieds”
In the Stingrays I found comfort for long wear
Beating down the marketplace alleys,
Buying a carpet or crossing the square

They took more time to break into the grind
Of walking and walking, but the result is divine!

Chandra Baier

Thank you Chandra for your great review on Jambu's Stingrays! To purchase this style of Jambu footwear please click here:

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