Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jambu Coastline

Kate McVaugh brought Jambu Coastline sandals on an adventure to the Northern California Coast. She is also ready to take on the Golden Gate Bridge for her next journey with Jambu shoes. Read below to see how the Jambu Coastline contributed to her experience!

"Jambu Coastline"

Spring has arrived, trees and flowers are in bloom, the weather is warming up and I have a new pair of Jambu Coastline sandals. Where better to test-drive them than on the Northern California Coast?
Point Reyes National Seashore, a beautiful chunk of protected land, stretches out just north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Hiking trails, bike paths, farms, and a myriad of wildlife lie within its boundaries.

My first stop was the tiny town of Point Reyes Station. Walking along the main street is like a lovely trip back in time. You pass by a bakery, a produce market, a feed store, quaint restaurants and art studios. It’s not exactly mountain trekking, but I was still happy to be wearing my lightweight, pliable Coastline’s as I strolled along in style, stopping off for a fresh scone and killer espresso. Then it was on to the beach.

Rolling green hills dotted with dairy farms spring up along the route headed towards the Pacific Ocean. I really wanted to get out of the car and walk among the grazing cows out in the pastures. Even on dew-dampened grass, I knew my Coastline’s superior grip would have kept me upright. I wondered if any of the cows were decedents of those from the1850’s when many of these farms were established out of a need for dairy products during the Gold Rush.

Coming over the last hill, I got my first glimpse of Drake’s Bay. In 1579, Sir Frances Drake sailed right by the opening to the San Francisco Bay, (as usual, the entrance had been obstructed by fog), and parked his ship in this smaller cove. Although tiny compared to its neighbor just 30 miles south, it is, nonetheless, a spectacularly beautiful place.

I took the Coastline’s for the real test; squishy sand and rivulets of sea water, kids dodging in and out of my path, and the chance that a stray surfboard might fly up out of the waves necessitating a quick exit. My feet held firmly to the uneven terrain, yet I never felt weighed down. Had there been an emergency, say a great white shark attack just off shore, I feel certain I could have easily dashed into the waves to make a valiant attempt at a rescue.

I am now completely confident that my Jambu Coastline’s really are All Terra functional, and will give me all day, comfortable support. I can’t wait to explore more of our endless, stunning coastline.
Kate McVaugh

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  1. This is how, one should enjoy the life, exploring places with so much to learn in it. You’re very good when it comes to describe natural scenes.