Monday, 11 October 2010

NFL Goes Pink

Last Sunday, I took my husband to see his favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills, play their 4th game of the season against the NY Jets. How could he be a fan of a team who has won 0 out of 5 games this year, you ask?.... beats me.

Football was never my thing. I don't know the rules, and I spend most of the game wondering how badly that last tackle must have hurt that one player. Even though I couldn't really follow the game, and my husbands team lost, it turned out to be an extremely fun experience.

First of all, if any of you know Buffalo NY, you know that it's freezing. I was so glad to be wearing my brown Valencia boots, not just cause they're adorable.. but they provided the heat the my feet needed throughout the game.

As the game was about to start, I noticed the "Jills" (the Bills' cheerleading team) were in pink. I may not know a lot about football, but I do know that the cheerleaders should be wearing the team colors (in this case, red, white, and blue.) It wasn't until my husband reminded me it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that I even made the connection.

So I thought... Oh.. how nice that the females representing the team are wearing pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think my jaw actually dropped when the team ran out, and I saw that the men were wearing pink too!

This year, the NFL joined with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for breast cancer. The players, as well as the coaches and refs will all be sporting (no pun intended) pink game apparel  throughout the month of October. So if you're watching the game with your man, look closely, and you'll see everything from pink sneakers to sweatbands to mouth guards! After the games, the apparel will be auctioned off, and the money will be donated to the ACS.

I think it's so great how a sport as "manly" as football can take the time to come up with a thoughtful and fun way to support breast cancer.

How are you staying aware this month? Do share! 

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