Monday, 4 October 2010

My Jambu Adventure

I recently went camping in The Forks, Maine; it was my first time in Maine and over 10 years
since my last camping trip. While packing the only thing on my mind was "what shoes will I be wearing?" A fashionista at heart, for a 4 day camping trip I brought 4 pairs of shoes; the common denominator, (I later realized) they were ALL Jambu! I thought to myself, I'll wear the Cherry for white water rafting, Vermont -Waterproof for hiking, Himalaya for lounging and I'll bring my Allure's just in case we come across a party.. I don't know what type of party in the woods people dress up for but I was prepared.

It rained the day I hiked Mosquito Mountain. My Vermont waterproof proved to be an excellent choice, not only did they provide great traction getting up the mountain but they were also slip resistant getting down and my feet
were kept dry. This was my first hike and I was praising my Jambu shoes for getting me through it.

The first time I'd been whitewater rafting was the last time I'd been camping, so it had been a while but I was so excited about experiencing that thrill again. I signed up to raft the Kennebec River, a level 4 and that day there was going to be a water release of 8000cfs, we're talking huge waves!! I felt so prepared with my Jambu Cherry's in red. I figured I should wear a bright color in case I fall over someone can spot me by my shoes. Because these sandals are fisherman like the water drained easily. We all definitely got wet that day and with water getting in our raft, no need to worry, my shoes were non slip. I jumped in the river several times for a dip, one of the key instructions is to keep your feet up so they don't get caught on anything down under; I received so many compliments on my cool shoes.

The Himalaya's were perfect for everyday walking and lounging and needless to to say that the Allure's were not needed on this trip.

I had an amazing time in The Forks and Jambu made my journey comfortable and definitely adventurous!

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